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Genesis... Our Story!

The Gist of our Story - A seven year old dreaming Big!

It started when he learned that he was a natural at Drawing & Sketching and decided to hone this God’s gift into a talent. By the time he was in the 7th grade he was already using software like Photoshop for Graphic Designing. His interest in drawing cartoons progressed quickly into bringing them to life using animation, motion graphics, and VFX for which he took a formal course with MAAC.

The VFX Industry was growing at a steady pace at the time and software like Flash was being used extensively in the media Industry. Taking up an Engineering Degree with IIT, Mumbai equipped him with the arsenal to take on the Digital World.

Joining the Ministry of IT as a Gazetted Officer, being a core member of Prime Minister Modi’s Digital India Project in 2015 and going on to bag a National Award for enrolling 95,000 students to the project using his knowledge and experience in the IT domain was by no means an easy feat. But to leave such a secure and rewarding career to pursue his passion could not have been an easy decision either.

Meet Shiven Sharma, the founder & CEO of Dr. Digitalz- A company that has been founded with a passion to synergise Creativity, Information Technology & Digital Marketing on a single platform.

His Hand-picked team of professionals is rearing to scale new heights and is here for the long haul because what drives them is the passion to provide Holistic & Pocket- Friendly solutions to the clients and strive to be better than the Best.

With the ongoing global pandemic which has made Working From Home a necessity it has become mandatory to adapt and learn.Poised at the threshold of entering the Digital Age, in keeping with our Prime minister’s project of a Digital India, Dr. Digitalz has taken the responsibility to put India as one of the leaders on the Digital World map.It has pledged to provide the support possible to all those who strive to be a part of this dream project.Be it young Entrepreneurs, established Business houses looking for a digital transition, or the students who want to get in this field, Dr. Digitalz will provide all the infrastructure necessary to see this through.

To quote Shivendra Sharma,”We want to be recognized as the best Digital agency by the year 2025 which has played a pivotal role in ushering India into this new digital Age which is here to stay.”

Our Journey so Far

Dr.Digitalz , the brainchild of the cumulative experiences of Shivendra Sharma is at a nascent stage and has yet achieved a lot.

We have to our credit, a complete Solutions package which trains both entrepreneurs and students from the ground up, in the best Business practices that guarantee success.

Our Automated Digital Marketing Platform is truly unique and second to none. This Comprehensive Tool that has been developed inhouse, handholds the client as they go strength to strength.

Providing the best in class of Social Media Visibility is our core competency. To ensure Branding, a Business needs visibility. Giving our Clients the leverage of being present at the right place and at the right time is our speciality. We Create iconic Websites that truly represent the heart & soul of the business which ensures returning customers and conversions.

Dr. Digitalz is a Perfect Combination of Learning, Automation & Business(LAB). Providing the clients a Comprehensive Solution to all that is required to drive a business to success at one place.

As we transition from our nascent stage to being a grown-up we are spreading our wings to scale newer heights. We are bringing Franchise Opportunities for those who believe in our vision of making this world ready for a successful Digital Future.


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Constantly on The Move: Achieving New Milestones

We are known to be:
Brilliant: We strive for excellence and pursue it with passion
Enthusiastic: We are full of ideas and raring to go. We are the perfectionists who want to ensure success for our clients
Diligent: We do not rest till we have achieved our targets and honoured our commitments
Creative: Creativity is at the core of our thought process which is fired by a desire to excel

Our Core Beliefs

Holding Our Partners In High Esteem

Our zeal and dedication to honour our partnerships is unparalleled. Integrity, transparency and a high level of trust are the three most important principles to maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships which we completely abide by.

Being Exceptional

Our clients can expect nothing less than the best from our devoted team of experts that are driven to succeed. At all times, the crew is available to assist and guide you. Our vast list of satisfied customers attests to our conviction.

Competing With Self

We believe in constantly reinventing ourselves. Keeping up with new trends and technology helps us to provide our clients the finest service possible and guarantee that they get value for their money and trust.

Why Learn with a Dr. Digitalz? Gain Today’s Most In-demand Skills

Digital Marketing is one of the most highly sought-after skills in the market right now. Organizations and agencies are looking for skilled Digital Marketing professionals, but there is a huge industry gap that is not being met. Digital Scholar helps you bridge that gap by equipping you with the right skills that will make you industry ready right from Day-1.

At Dr Digitalz, you will be working with real-time clients, case studies, and with agencies to get an experience of how an agency works, and what are all the required skills to master to be a professional Digital Marketer.

In market, almost 99.99% institutes offer the same stuff for business people and students, but the both categories need different learning because their ideologies and vision are not same. So,we at Dr Digitalz working on this vision, helps the businessman to transform their business model from traditional to digital and also make them learn at the same time.


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Strategising for Your Business Development & Growth

Not long ago, we were a new start-up similar to yours. We've gone a long way since our start, and we want you to achieve the same degree of success and notoriety. Our Professional team will strategise for you and pave the road to your success.

Creating Your Brand Identity & Marketing Plan

Elevating your Brand to an enviable position and increasing your visibility on all media platforms is the cornerstone of our Marketing plan. Right from building your website, SEO content, Advertisement Campaigns to Social Media Marketing we have you covered.

Generating Leads & Expanding Customer Base

Researching & analysing markets, understanding customer needs and what they are looking for ensures that we can come up with strategies that will lead the customers to the front door of your business.Once there our content will ensure they stay and pay and keep returning for more.

Multi Faceted Management

We manage and Market your Website & Brand to drive your business to success. Our Content management teams flush the website with relevant Blogs having the best researched SEO practices to derive positive outcomes. Our multi-pronged approach guarantees success.


Improve your business now !

Dr Digitalz is a full-fledged service package that facilitates 50+ industry modules and framework with customized requirements from basic level to advanced level.