Agency Management

Agency Management

Brand marketers must expect more from the advertising and marketing service firms they hire to develop and execute ground-breaking work while balancing the dual goals of effectiveness and efficiency. Clients want their strategic partnerships to deliver more, better, and faster results. Their capacity to handle these connections successfully is directly linked to their ability to thrive in the marketplace. This training is meant to help you become a more effective client leader or agency user.

Experiential Learning

This course is in a multi-media style and is completely interactive. It offers practitioner-led learning in the actual world. Knowledge checks, activities, evaluations, and resources/tools are all necessary for active course participation.

For Whom Is This Course Intended?

Marketers in charge of managing agency partnerships, whether contractual, financial, or transactional, as well as new managers in agency management and senior professionals or team leaders, would benefit from this course.


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