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We provide professional PPC, Web and SEO services to increase online visibility and qualified leads to your business



A company that has been founded with a passion to synergies Creativity, Information Technology & Digital Marketing on a single platform, we want to be recognized as the best Digital agency by the year 2025 which has played a pivotal role in ushering India into this new digital Age which is here to stay.
In today’s time, we can see a numerous number of digital frauds and scams like mobile app scams, fake payment links, etc., and businesses are completely unaware of it even after seeking help from institutions. But nothing works because nowadays, the institutions are not concerned with this part, and we believe it’s the biggest drawback.

About Us

We at Dr Digitalz have inculcated digital frauds and errors very seriously and therefore, we strive to provide complete knowledge in this concern to every listener we have.

Dr. Digitalz is a Perfect Combination of Learning, Automation & Business (LAB). Providing the clients, a Comprehensive Solution to all that is required to drive a business to success at one place

L - We have to our credit, a complete Solutions package which trains both entrepreneurs and students from the ground up, in the best Business practices that guarantee success

A - Our Automated Digital Marketing Platform is truly unique and second to none. This Comprehensive Tool that has been developed inhouse, handholds the client as they go strength to strength

B- Providing the best in class of Social Media Visibility is our core competency. To ensure Branding, a business needs visibility. Giving our clients the leverage of being present at the right place and at the right time is our specialty

As we transition from our nascent stage to being a grown-up, we are spreading our wings to scale newer heights. We are bringing Franchise Opportunities for those who believe in our vision of making this world ready for a successful Digital Future.

Why digital marketing is important for your business and what’s its future by 2025?

As per the Harvard Business Review Research, around $1.3 Trillion was invested in 2018 on account of digital transformation. With the changing business environment, the businesses have undergone a complete digital transformation over time. If we see the market outlook, we’ll see there is hardly any business in today’s time that is operating without going digital. The going era is the era of digitalization and the reports are the evidence of it, So, we can say that in coming years the scope of digital marketing will be skyrocketing and every industry will have to adapt it more firmly, thereof.


We Shift from Traditional Towards Digital

Lockdown affected complete business industry but still digital marketing is growing much better than other industries.

Industries who suffered the most due to COVID-19

  • Restaurant Industry
  • Airlines
  • Casino & Gaming
  • Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Automobile Parts & equipment
  • Accommodations
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation
  • Education industry

Reports say that almost every business has suffered due to the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 has shattered businesses from small scale to large scale, but it’s proven that businesses with the digital existence and process have been least affected.

In fact, the growth of digital businesses has been phenomenal and their scale of business profits have actually gone high.

This implies that the power of doing digital has been perfectly proven during the pandemic period and it’s pretty clear that if an industry or business wants to sustain itself in the long run, digitalization is the key and automation is the ladder to it.

Our Services

Navigating the market, you can find so many platforms serving n number of courses but what Dr Digitalz does for you is just next level. We at Dr Digitalz impart an all-in-one solution from root to peak; also, it doesn’t matter if you’re a businessman or a student we’ve got you covered. Dr Digitalz brings an exclusive program named LAB (Learn, Automate, and Business) where we provide a complete package right from learning to owning a business. Let’s discuss our LAB program in brief.

Low investment with highly profitable Franchise partnership with Dr Digitalz (3 month)

Selling digital products fits that description perfectly - low capital, high profits. It’s been done in many unique ways, lead generation through digital marketing is the finest way. Dr Digitalz digital marketing team generate hot leads for you. Also, we help you to make the leads mature for you (3 months duration).

Opportunity to explore the world (International trip rewards)

We offer rewards to our franchise partners. We are proud to offer the most generous, most flexible rewards programs in international travel for our franchise partners according to their performance.

Each franchise you enroll earns you Travel Points, a flexible package you can redeem for incredible rewards. Points are calculated by multiplying the number of franchises enrolled or closed by your end.

Certification / 250+ clients around the globe

We have successfully collaborated with 250+ brands ranging from local to global favorites, and our franchise will be appearing soon in international countries around the world by the end of 2024. Also, we provide certificates like Digital scholar, Google Certificates etc. to the students.

Dr Digitalz LAB - Software for Franchise

We at Dr. Digitalz have gone into the roots of what businesses need, and therefore, for all the franchise owners over there, we bring an exclusive dashboard with everything that’s served in one place. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all the franchise owners to grab, the exclusive benefits of all-in-one automaton software that will keep the complete track record of your business including all your leads, ads, and complete follow-up.

  • Multiple franchise [master -> city -> unit] track record system
  • advance leads management system [crm]
  • IVR system
  • feedback and complaint and bug support system
  • advance follow-up
  • video conferencing / chatbox system
  • payment track record system/support
  • personalized website support / substitute website {drdigital.com/franchaisename}
  • complete analytics report
  • sales analysis report/report management
  • quotation and proposal making tools
  • auto invoice management system
  • 24*7 customer support

Improve your business now !

Dr Digitalz is a full-fledged service package that facilitates 50+ industry modules and framework with customized requirements from basic level to advanced level.